Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Learn Languages Through Stories by One-Third Stories

A children's book that starts in English and ends in a different language to help kids learn in the most enjoyable way possible.

Support the Kickstarter Campaign to fund this amazing project!

Early language learning is so important. Studies and personal experience demonstrate that the earlier you expose a child to a second language, the easier it is to learn. It can also lead to greater skills in other school subjects, as well as increased communication skills that aid in making new friends around the world and help in many careers. 

The creators of this project have been passionate about finding innovative ways to expose children to learning new languages and came up with this clever book idea. It's not based solely on a whim and imagination, but on proven methods of language learning that anyone can use, as well as their own personal studies. Also unique and amazing is that they have taken the ideas of young learners and converted those into parts of the stories. Backers can even vote on their favorite ideas.

Already they have reached their initial goal to get the project going, but also wish to keep expanding upon the dream to expand upon what is offered with this book. 

Alex and Jonny, the co-founders of One-Third Story, have one of the most comprehensive and detailed Kickstarter campaigns I have ever seen. They provide previews and mock-ups of the book and some of the extras, as well as a very detailed plan of action and early reviews. All of your questions will be answered when you read through it. If you have more, simply ask!

Click here to learn more about the One-Third Stories project to Learn Languages Through Stories.

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