Friday, April 3, 2015

'Tootie Mctoot and the Quest for Her Boot' by Millie Mora


“This is the story of Tootie Mctoot, wouldn’t you like to try out her book?”

Come and read the delightful adventures Tootie has with this picture and rhyme book for kids to read with their moms and for the beginning reader. Tootie is a delightful young girl with a very active imagination that will fill you with joy and make your kids smile and laugh. In this book you can follow her in the quest to find the boot she misplaced. She revisits places she went the day before and uses the help of her friend and even a bumblebee to search all around until she finally finds out that her boot is now a home for a cuddly new friend.

Author bio:

A +15 years experienced children and young adult dance teacher who is venturing into the world of picture books and digital publishing. With the help of her husband and a very talented graphic artist they both have brought to life the cute and lovable character based on their niece named Tootie Mctoot who is anxious to share her adventures with children around the world. Upcoming projects include a fantasy chapter books and Tootie’s second book "Tootie Mctoot and the Basement Adventure”.

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