Thursday, January 9, 2014

'I'm going to BIG school: An interactive educational rhyme and activity book for preschoolers' by Nicole Eshun


I'm going to big school is an all in one phonics activity book. Perfect for a circle time or a bed time read with a young child. This uplifting book gives helpful tips to the reader on how to successfully engage and entertain young listeners.

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Author bio

Nicole Eshun, born in 1986 grew up in London, England. She is a mother and the older sister of three sisters and two brothers, her mother is a teacher. She has a BA (Hons) Degree in Media Culture and Communication studies a Postgraduate Degree in Early Years Practice, (level 6 in childcare) and she has also studied Psychology and Film studies. Nicole has had a variety of jobs in childcare, and runs a babysitting agency; Interactive Babysitting Agency. She loves designing and making things and finds it exciting to see her words turned into books. Other favourite things include watching surreal movies, spending time with the family and developing mobile apps. Nicole enjoys writing books about events that children, parents and childcare workers, can relate to. Her books include the following:

I'm going to big school (US/UK)
Autism...I'm going to make a new friend (US/UK)
I'm not going to sleep! (US/UK)
I'm going to the dentist (US/UK)

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