Saturday, December 14, 2013

#FREE 12/14-12/18 'La La the Ladybug' by J.J. Beavis


Nothing says love like a young girl's care of a ladybug with a broken leg. La La is an adorable ladybug who is under the care of five-year-old Pepper, who provides La La with necessities and comfort while her leg heals. However, Pepper has a mischievous older brother who likes to torment La La. When La La is separated from her life with Pepper, La La experiences the world how most ladybugs see it... and how scary it can be outside of a comfortable glass jar. But have no fear: there is a happy ending.

Read reviews:
"Author and illustrator J.J. Beavis crafts an adorable story of friendship that I would recommend to very beginning readers. Children who aren't quite ready to read can still appreciate this story - it has a basic beginning, climax, and finale that any child can enjoy. The accompanying illustrations fit the story; they are basic but also correlate very well. La La is an adorable little ladybug, and you can't help but feel for her when you see her broken leg. Emotions are visible to enhance the text, and the colors are vivid and child-appropriate.

You can't help but cheer for La La and her happy ending. I'm already wondering how long it will take for La La's leg to heal. What other adventures will she get into? Will big brother Tyler make a reappearance? Will La La grow with Pepper? The author definitely leaves this title open for a series. As a children's librarian, I can see reading this story to toddlers and early preschoolers as part of a friendship-themed storytime. It's an excellent introduction to little ones on what it means to be a good friend versus a bad friend." Miss Olivia Librarian book reviews

"This is one of the most adorable children's books I have ever had the pleasure to read. I became immersed in the illustrations and the charming cast of characters. Little ones will love this." Jenny Mason, author of Monsters Want to Play
#FREE 12/14-12/18

J.J. Beavis is the author and illustrator of children's books for kids and adults, and anyone young at heart. She enjoys creating stories that teach lessons while entertaining with simple, yet colorful illustrations. She has always been enamored with children's books, and as a mother, sheenjoys reading and creating special stories to her son.

J.J. Beavis currently lives in southern Maine. During the cold winter months, she can be found cuddled up near a cozy fire with a cup of coffee in hand.

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