Wednesday, September 18, 2013

'Mommy, Do you really love me?" by Sari Barel

This cute children's book is about Mommy's love for her children…

"Mommy, do you really love me?" is a question asked by children at every age and every stage.

Even lovely Jessica delighted to discover that each mom has her own way of loving her children and that her mother loved her very much.

How did she learn this? Read our humorous, fun story to find out!

A free and really great gift is included with the book — a set of colorful gift cards for the children to print for their mothers or fathers that encourage loving communication within the family.

It's a must for all children and parents, preschool teachers, therapists and coaches.

A free and really great gift is included with the book — a set of colorful printable cards for the children to print for their mothers or fathers that encourage loving communication within the family.


Grady Harp HALL OF FAME TOP 50 REVIEWER VINE VOICE wrote: "Sari Barel stated goal is to help as many people as possible -adults and children - to escape restrictive thinking patterns and realize their full potential, not only in their life's work, but in their entire life experience. That goal has inspired her recent writing, a series of books for parents, to help them help their children think outside the box… The story may appear simple, but it is realistic and entertaining and certainly addresses some issues all children have. Very well done!."

J. Chambers TOP 50 REVIEWER wrote: "…Mommy, do you really love me?" has a nice lesson for youngsters: parenting styles may vary, but each parent loves their children in their own way."

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About Sari Barel

Sari Barel is an international expert and workshop leader in the development of creative thinking and the co-author of the “Think Like a Zebra®” method and book series.

Sari is a graduate from the ISEME, University of Swinburne, Australia with a Master’s Degree in MEI or Master of Entrepreneurship and Innovation. Sari is a copywriter, scriptwriter, and actor also specializes in education, coaching, meditation and marketing communication. Sari has written many books to inspire adults and children to let go of restrictive thinking and expand their horizons to realize full potential in their respective lives. The book “Mommy do you really love me” is yet another attempt to help parents and children.

What inspired me to write my book?

My source of inspiration for writing this book was my oldest son who surprised me so much I almost needed to call a mobile intensive care unit to help me get my breath back. This all happened when one day my five year-old son said to me “Mom, I thought that you love me less than other mothers and today I realized that you just trust me!” I was shocked. That is what my beloved son has been carrying around in his young heart? Apparently so!!!! And why? Because a mother of one of his preschool friends almost fainted when he got a black eye, and he thought that is how a loving mother behaves. Because our neighbor offered painkillers to her children every time their heads hurt, whereas I offered a kiss. The principle here is quite clear, right? It was one of those magical and significant moments. Twenty years have gone by since then. Our relationship is a particularly good and loving one.

Try to imagine what would have happened if my son hadn’t had this insight? If he hadn’t told me what he’d been feeling? If he’d grown up with the heavy weight of his mother loving him less? It was this thought that drove me to write this book. I didn’t want any boy or girl to carry a wrong impression around with them. I wanted all parents to know that their children don’t take it for granted that they, their parents, love them; that people in every family would say each day how much they love each other.

What do I hope readers will take away from my book?

I hope that young readers will enjoy (!) and receive love from my book. My vision is to bring — a flexible way of thinking that they will stay for the duration of their entire lives, together with the insight that parents each have their own way to love. And that is perfectly alright.

As an expert in developing creating thinking, a coach and a mediator, I have tried to provide tools to use in discussions about the difference between reality and perception, about expectations, about love, and about not taking anything for granted. And of course — I would be delighted if the cards I have developed will lead to the communication of love and giving. The cards are made so that children can give their parents small gifts of love —a kiss, hug, help, empathy, and what not?

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