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'Chasing Butterflies' by Harry Toews

Book blurb from Amazon:

Join Sophia and Matteo who explore the wonders of their grandmother's enchanting rose garden in the search for magic. But is all what it seems? Along the way they discover a world of beauty and kindness as well learning a valuable life lesson. Once finishing the story, you'll be left hungry for more!

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For Parents:
Author Harry Towes' "Chasing Butterflies" is the first of six enthralling stories which are not only exciting for kids, but also teach them important moral life lessons in a fun and unique way. These books are a 'must have' for any parent who wants their kids to gain an important set of moral values. Guaranteed to bring enjoyment, smiles and education!

**My thoughts**

I absolutely adore the illustrations in this book. the characters look familiar, which makes you want to connect with them from the very beginning. I also like the avatar for author Harry Toews. He looks like a professor-type character who is going to teach you all kinds of wonderful things.

The idea of a backyard filled with fairies and magic took me back to my own childhood, as that was how I always thought of my father's beautiful gardens. It always seemed like magic when the flowers bloomed. Like Sophia and Matteo, I was always intrigued by the flora and fauna waiting to be discovered.

They don't seem to have a lot of experience with nature, other than what they can find in Abuela's garden. Their opinions about some leaves and bugs being ugly remind me a lot of some of the kids I teach, who haven't yet seen the beauty that can come from supposedly ugly things in nature. You just have to be patient. When the ugly bug that they find turns into a butterfly, they learn that lesson.

This book isn't going to teach children about the science behind butterflies and lotus flowers. It has a deeper message, about loving all things, no matter how they look. It can be used as a supplement to a peace curriculum, as well as in the science area, as a launchpad for discussions in both areas. I think it was a sweet story and look forward to sharing it with my students next school year.

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My name is Harry Toews and I am very pleased to meet you. If there's one thing to concede, it's that no one else can compete with my hairy feet! I grew up in Canada and lived with my Mom, Dad, brother and sister and our three pet dogs but now I live in my own little cottage and people call me Mister!

I went to the same school as my brother and sister at first but the teachers said I was too advanced and to be shifted, and so I said farewell and went to learn new things at The Genius High School for the Gifted. I moved schools when I was ten and it was much better then. I was never very good at sports or singing, but at the new school I made friends and had fun learning. While other boys like to play and run, I loved science and learning for fun.

I don't find it easy to make friends but when I do my friendships never ends. I care for my family and friends very much, some live far away so I write them stories to keep in touch. My stories are fun with a little education, you read them at home, with friends or on vacation. I've written a series of six books called Little Life Lessons, they tell stories of Sophia and Matteo and each its own message.

If you would like to learn more about all my adventures, you can visit my website/blog www.littlelifelessons.ca

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