Wednesday, May 1, 2013

'Savannah's Story' by Jodi Stone

Book blurb:

All Savannah wants is for someone to play with her. When she asks her older sisters to play, they both turn her down. It's at that very moment when Savannah makes a wish that leads her on a magical that will lead her on a trip through her favorite dollhouse and floating on a cloud of bubbles. Follow along with Savannah as she realizes the true meaning of friendship and family.

**My thoughts**

Kids can relate to the story of a little sister whose siblings don't want to play with her. So, she makes a magical wish and ends up going on an adventure in her favorite place: her dollhouse. She ends up having a lot of fun, but then realizes how much she still misses her family. She heads back home, only to discover that she can keep the magic alive. 

It's a sweet story with cute illustrations done by the author. I can almost envision her sitting side by side with her children while working on this book. The rhyming story flows well and doesn't feel forced as some rhyming stories can be. This is one that the kids in my class also enjoyed.

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