Monday, February 15, 2010

With These Hands: For All the Children Around the World

It appears that Grace Girdwain wants to spread peace and love around the entire world by emphasizing simple things children can do with their own hands in her book With These Hands: For All the Children Around the World. Ideas range from practical life ideas to those that are more abstract. When outside, children can help plant a garden or take care of animals. Inside they can use their hands to brush their hair and teeth. Hands are also used for praying for health and happiness for selves and others.

I like the ideas presented in this book, as they seem to be written in a way that children will understand them. However, I felt like there were too many examples, and they were sometimes redundant. There also wasn't a logical flow that I could find. Perhaps the books could have been organized differently? I also wish there would have been more tying in of the title, explaining how children do all of these things in different lands.

Grace Girdwain also did all of her own illustrations in the book. Each illustration is simple, with its own caption. I think that they could almost stand on their own as an adequate book.

Unique to this book is a simple little song at the beginning, complete with notes, for the music-reading reader. Following the book is a prayer that children can learn to say together with each other and special adults in their lives.

With These Hands: For All the Children Around the World by Grace Girdwain does provide a good foundation for children who are learning how to use their hands for good, instead of hitting. The ideas presented within are good for children to learn, and can provide a springboard for multiple conversations and activities.

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