Sunday, February 14, 2010

Mom, I Fired the Babysitter!


Mom, I Fired the Babysitter! is a children's book by Colleen H. Robley Blake that captures the feelings of a young child who is forced to put up with the evil babysitter. At the tender age of 8, Alex is not yet old enough to take care of himself. It also isn't a good idea to have him stay at home alone with his big brother. He still needs to have a babysitter. But, Alex thinks he can take care of himself.

Alex becomes that stinker child who is the bane of the babysitter's existence. He runs around the house screaming, tells the babysitter she isn't the boss of him, locks her out of the house, and gets into candy instead of eating his snack. On the other hand, the babysitter is constantly nagging, eats all of the food, and naps instead of paying attention to the kids.

To be fair, Alex is more likely to be extra stinky because he has such a poor relationship with his babysitter. He begins to think of ways to get her fired, or to make her quit, but to no avail.

Finally, Dad realizes that the babysitter is terrible, and joins in the conspiracy with the boys. At last, Mom decides the babysitter is no longer needed, and everyone is happy.

Children can relate to the misery of having a babysitter when they feel like they are growing big enough to take care of themselves. And honestly, babysitters can appreciate the shenanigans of young Alex.

This story is more appropriate for the elementary age, instead of the younger preschool and kindergarten set. It's a fun read, set completely in rhyme. And the illustrations are amusing, as they show Alex's plotting in his mind.

Following the story is a series of comprehension questions for the reader. They require the reader to understand what he has read, as well as to apply his own opinions to the story. These are great for doing either at home, or as part of a classroom activity.

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A complimentary copy of this book was provided by the author for reviewing purposes.

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  1. This is an excellent book for all those children who think that they're old enough to watch themselves!! Colleen Robley-Blake is an excellent children author who captures the real life innocence of todays children, this book is funny and amazing!!