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Cosmic is the latest work from the Carnegie Medal-winning author of Millions, which was made into a movie by Danny Boyle. This comedic piece by Frank Cottrell Boyce becomes available on January 19, 2010.

Cosmic [Walden Pond Press, 2010, ISBN 978-0-06-183686-2] is the laugh-out-loud story of Liam, a twelve year-old boy who has grown too quickly. He stands taller than most adults, and even has to shave. Quite frequently, people mistake him for a thirty year-old man. And that means they expect adult-like behavior out of him. He likes to take advantage of this, buy posing as a purchaser of a Porsche, or even a schoolteacher.

Liam's greatest adventure posing as an adult comes along when he wins a contest that allows a Dad and child to come test a new program that is sending kids out into space for the first time. He adopts his classmate, Florida, as his daughter, and the two set off on a comical adventure in space. (Think Apollo 13.) Liam learns a lot about what it means to be a responsible adult, as well as gathering a lot of insight into what it really means to be a kid.

Fellow adventurists in the story include examples of father-son relationships. There is the dominating father who pushes his son too far. Then there is the father who will buy his son everything, because for him, money talks. Each one thinks that his child is the smartest, cleverest, and the best. The flaws of each are quickly demonstrated.

This book is aimed for children ages 8-12, in grades 3-7, but will entertain even older readers. It makes for a great read-aloud and can easily segue into research into space travel and the universe. Moms and dads may also find themselves questioning their roles as parents, and seek to find an understanding in their relationship with their kids.

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