Sunday, November 22, 2009

I Wish All Your Wishes and Mine

I Wish All Your Wishes and Mine is a delightful story by an author/illustrator named Vaeta Zitman. Her illustrations include intricate patterns within the landscape that bring about swirling, dreamlike thoughts as the children share their wishes with each other. The text is airy and simple, with relatively general wishes being expressed. However, children can relate to these general ideas and adapt them to reflect their own wishes and dreams.

I shared this book with my class of 3-6 year-olds. They laughed as I turned each page, but it wasn't a laugh of contempt. They gave the delighted giggles so common to entertained young children. After I read the book, we went around the group and they shared some of their own dreams and wishes.

It really is a beautiful book that will delight young children and can even serve as a segue into dreamy writing assignments for older children. Art lessons derived from this book could include using different kinds of material to recreate the patterns and textures found within.

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  1. So very lovely!!! =) My kiddo would love this book! =)