Sunday, November 15, 2009

Fish Sticks, Books and Blue Jeans!

Fish Sticks, Books and Blue Jeans!: Teaching kids to be thankful for everything (yes, even Fish Sticks) everyday! is the brain child of a child, herself. Sami Fitzgerald was just six years old when she approached her mother, Caryn, about making a book to help children be thankful for everything they have.

The book is designed to have adults and children interact with each other to discuss the wonderful things in life, whether material or more emotional or spiritual. Topics include love, caring, sharing, believe, smile, happiness, proud, success, friends, health, food, family, reading, exercise, laughter, acts of kindness, and anything else!

Each topic starts with an affirmation. Read the affirmation together, then discuss how it applies to your life. Suggestions and leading words help inspire the conversation. Adults and children can then write together a list to accompany each topic, then draw a picture on the next page to illustrate thoughts.

The book does not have to be done in order. Choose topics that are of particular interest for the day or week. The important thing is to remember to be grateful for what you have in your life, and to share meaningful time together.

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Stay tuned for an interview with Sami and her mom, Caryn.

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