Saturday, August 20, 2016

My Awesome Zebra Picture Book by Zunammie Keren

My Awesome Zebra Picture Book

This vibrant and lifelike picture book will help children aged 3-8 to learn more about Zebras while learning to read and enjoying all the beautiful, clear photographs. Older kids will enjoy it too!

Make’s a great educational gift for children to use on tablets and mobile devices!

This book will help your child to:
- learn more about Zebras
- learn new words
- practice simple sentences
- navigate books on a mobile device
- appreciate animals

About Zunammie Keren

Zunammie Keren is a freelance writer who is fascinated by all things spiritual, fun and magical. On most weekends you can find her soaking up the rays on a sandy beach in tropical Jamaica where she currently resides with her husband and 3 adorable sons.

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