Friday, October 25, 2013

'Truthy Ruthy' by Sari Barel


Genre: Children's books age 4-8, Values

Book blurb:

What can you do with a cute little girl, who does not always tell the truth?

Ruthy is a sweet 5 year old girl, who has gotten used to not telling the truth. She breaks the rules and says, "It wasn't me!"

Nothing helps until Dad comes up with an idea that changes the rules of the game.

Now Ruthy is "Truthy Ruthy". Bravo, Daddy!

How does Dad change the rules? Read our humorous, fun story to find out!It's a must for all children and parents, preschool teachers, therapists and coaches.

The book includes free quality gifts for the free time of the summer vacations in with suggestions for entertaining true-or-false games for family activities and a template for a Certificate of Excellence with suggestions for small gestures of communication between family members as a Certificate of Excellence for being a good friend…

GinaR at - - wrote:
“This is a short and sweet story aimed at reminding children (of all ages) why telling the truth is not only something mommy and daddy want for them to do but a best practice to last their whole life through… Ruthy comes to realize with the help of her tricky (but in a good way) parents that saying what you mean and meaning what you say are a very important part of being able to trust someone and so a lesson learned is born and shared… Recommended read for all ages but especially for those with little ones in their lives. Ruthy and her family will brighten your day in a big BIG way but also leave you with something relevant to your every day life. A great combo indeed.”
J. Chambers TOP 50 REVIEWER on Amazon, wrote:
“…Instead of responding by yelling and screaming or with a spanking, Ruthy’s dad used a bit of psychology to turn the tables on Ruthy and show her why lying had consequences… This story by Sari Barel teaches a valuable lesson about why being honest and truthful is the best policy for both kids and grownups. It’s a short, simple story that should hold a kid’s attention long enough to make the point.”
Grady Harp HALL OF FAME TOP 50 REVIEWER VINE VOICE on Amazon, wrote:
“ …Sari Barel has created a fun book that gives parents insight on how to correct a certain behavioral problem - and have fun doing it... Not only is this little story entertaining but it also carries a very unique way of learning how to stop not telling the truth. This book is a joint venture for children and parents, and as usual Sari Barel handles it very well indeed.”

“Through My books I aim at helping the readers to realize that the concept of creativity is a state of mind” Says Sari Barel, An expert in development of creative thinking, an author, a copywriter, a coach and a mediator, “I inspire adults and children to escape from restrictive thinking and realize their full potential to live their lives happily.”

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About Sari Barel


Sari Barel is an international expert and workshop leader in the development of creative thinking and the co-author of the “Think Like a Zebra®” method and book series.

Sari is a graduate from the ISEME, University of Swinburne, Australia with a Master’s Degree in MEI or Master of Entrepreneurship and Innovation. Sari is a copywriter, scriptwriter, and actor also specializes in education, coaching, meditation and marketing communication. Sari has written many books to inspire adults and children to let go of restrictive thinking and expand their horizons to realize full potential in their respective lives. The book “Mommy do you really love me” is yet another attempt to help parents and children.




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