Sunday, May 12, 2013

FREE for Kindle: 'Baby Jaimie Loses a Tooth' by Jaimie Hope

~~FREE FOR KINDLE through May 15th~~

Baby Jaimie had never met a cookie she didn't like. That all changed one day while she sneaking them before dinner. She bit down on one and it bit back, or at least so she thought until her mother told her it was just a loose tooth.

Baby Jaimie didn't want to lose her tooth until her sister told her about the tooth fairy. Now, she can't wait for her tooth to come out, but it's not ready to come out yet. It looks like she'll just have to wait, or will she? Read The Adventures of Baby Jaimie: Baby Jaimie Loses A Tooth to find out.

~~Download your free copy here through May 15th~~

Jaimie Hope was born in 1976 in New York. As a child, she loved story time and when she was old enough to read on her own she always had a book. When she wasn't reading, Ms. Hope was writing and making up stories to amuse children and adults alike. Perhaps that's why nobody was surprised when she announced she wanted to be an author.

Jaimie Hope is the author of The Adventures of Baby Jaimie series. Baby Jaimie Goes ti the Hospital is the sixth installment of the series. She also has written 2 novels/novellas in the YA genre, and has released her autobiography.

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