Saturday, December 8, 2012

The Frizzy Tizzy series

Frizzy Tizzy Goes to the Park is the latest in a series by author Wendy Hinbest. I reviewed it a few weeks ago, by sharing my eARC on my Kindle Fire with my preschool and kindergarten students. The other day, I was getting out the Kindle to start another review book with them. They got very excited and started calling out, "Frizzy Tizzy?! Are we reading more Frizzy Tizzy?!"

That is a HUGE compliment to the author!

Check out this excerpt from Frizzy Tizzy Goes to the Park and then preview other books in this series.

Frizzy Tizzy climbed the stairs to go down the slide, but when she got to the top she was afraid to go down. Frizzy Tizzy felt the ground looked so far from up there.

“What’s wrong, Frizzy Tizzy?” asked Mommy.

“I’m scared to go down,” answered Frizzy Tizzy. She turned around and noticed a little girl standing behind her. 

Frizzy Tizzy attempts to face her fears and begins to second guess herself, until she realizes things are not always what they seem.

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Frizzy Tizzy plans to have a camp-out with Mommy, Daddy and her friend Emma, but plans change when it starts to rain.

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Frizzy Tizzy is enjoying her day with Mommy and Daddy, but is devastated when one of her favourite shoes gets ruined. What will Frizzy Tizzy do about her shoes?

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Frizzy Tizzy really wants to go outside and play with Emma, but she's not allowed until she cleans up her toys.

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Frizzy Tizzy loves music and loves to dance. She looks forward to going to dance class and gets upset when it's time to go home. Mommy and Daddy help Frizzy Tizzy turn her frown upside down.

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Meet Wendy Hinbest:

I like writing children's books and blogging. I live in Burlington, Ontario with my husband and three young children. I have an Early Childhood Education diploma and I am certified to teach children from birth to six years including children with special needs. I have worked with many children and have read many books to them. My
daughters enjoy the books I read to them so I decided to write books of my own. I am also a real estate agent.




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