Friday, August 10, 2012

Review of 1-2-3 Draw Princesses by Freddie Levin

Teach children how to draw step-by-step with books from the 1-2-3 Draw series by Freddie Levin. Here is more about her latest book, 1-2-3 Draw Princesses.


These days the word 'princess' can have a very negative meaning. The image of a princess is often that of a spoiled, pampered girl who gets everything she wants or a pretty, passive young woman who is badly in need of rescuing. However, the dictionary definition of a princess is just 'a daughter of a king or queen'.

Many positive qualities can be found in the stories of princesses, both historic and fictional. Princesses can be kind, grateful, courageous, smart, curious, and even imperfect. They can be great warriors like Nzinga (page 45) or scholars like Eleanor of Aquitane (page 34). They can have hopes and dreams for themselves and their people. They can make a difference in their world.

See page 63 for a reading list of stories that present princesses in a most positive way. With 1-2-3 Draw Princesses, her 12th 1-2-3 Draw title (series total: 23, over 1.5 million sold), Freddie Levin not only applies her proven step-by-step drawing instruction, but provides inspiration and encouragement with positive female role models.  

My thoughts:

I love this series of books. Pictures are broken down into simple forms and steps for you to follow. You need a light hand with a regular pencil and good gum eraser. Kids can do these and so can adults. I would share my picture, but I don't have any pencils on hand. I was using a pen and cannot erase the extra lines.

Aspiring artists could also trace the drawings in the book, step by step, to help guide their hands.

In addition to basic royal people, you can learn how to draw a castle, carriage, crowns and scepters. Create your own paradise. I can just imagine spending hours creating my own fairy land and stories to go with it.  

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