Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Review of Moo Kitty Finds a Home by Valerie Lee Veltre

Moo Kitty Finds a Home is a picture book by Valerie Lee Veltre that is based on a true story.

Moo Kitty loves his human. She is an elderly lady who adores him. They spend a lot of their time snuggling together. One day, she passes away and goes to Heaven. The people who clean out her home take away Moo Kitty's favorite belongings and then throw him to the curb. Bewildered and alone, Moo Kitty realizes he is going to have to fend for himself. He has faith that he can do it, thanks to three guardian kitties who keep watch over him.

As he wanders around, he meets a man named George who takes him in long enough to feed him a solid meal. George's friend can't possibly adopt any more stray cats and his wife is very allergic to them, so he takes him to the shelter. Moo Kitty watches as all of his friends are slowly adopted, leaving him behind.

Finally one day a family comes to visit the shelter. Their little girl falls madly in love with Moo Kitty, so they adopt him and take him home. Now Moo Kitty is well-loved again and happy.

This book is really sweet. My cats have always been adopted from people abandoning them nearby. My life would not be complete without them. Not all cats are as lucky, though. Many end up in shelters, some for the rest of their lives. Reading this book made me want to drive out to the local adoption shelters and rescue as many as I can, though that is not a practical idea.

Kids love animals and they are sure to fall in love with Moo Kitty as they read about his adventures. The book feels a little long to read to really young ones, like three years old. At the same time, the charming illustrations and a desire to know what happens to the poor kitty are sure to keep them interested.

The end of the book contains an essay about the benefits of adopting an adult pet versus a baby. Veltre also offers suggestions for preparing your home for a new pet, how to select the right one and how to help him settle into your home. These practical suggestions are great advice to be shared in the home, as well as offering fodder for lessons at school. Perhaps Moo Kitty will inspire a family to provide a new forever home to an abandoned pet!

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