Monday, July 9, 2012

Excerpt from The Cave Monster, a Lima Bear book

The Cave Monster is the third book in the Lima Bear series by Thomas Weck and his son Peter Weck. This series was a big hit in my early childhood classroom.


Oh no! L. Joe Bean, Lima Bear's cousin, has been captured by the Cave Monster. Lima Bear and his friends must enter the Black Cave to try to save L. Joe Bean.

Venturing into a new place, especially if it is potentially scary--like a dark basement or somewhere unknown--is not something most children would choose to do, and certainly not alone. That is the situation the animal friends face in The Cave Monster.

All 4-8 year olds will love following along as Whistle-Toe (the rabbit), Maskamal (the raccoon), Back-Back (the opossum), and Lima Bear (a tiny bean-shaped bear) come up with a plan to save Lima Bear's cousin. Bringing along the thing each one thinks might be the most useful--a tiny sword, a rustic bow & arrow, a red flag and a canteen of water--the band of friends tentatively approaches the scary cave.

Will their ideas go according to plan? Will they get to L. Joe Bean in time? Will they save themselves?

The take-away message of this book is friends, individually afraid, find courage when acting together.  

Excerpt from The Cave Monster
Back-Back stood next to a tree. He waved the red flag at the tree pretending it was the Cave Monster. Maskamal stood a few steps away, pulled the string of the bow as far back as he could and took aim.

The bow went 'Twa-a-a-ang'. The arrow fell out and landed on Maskamal's foot. "Um...," said Lima Bear, "you are going to have to be awfully close to the Cave Monster to hit him with that bow and arrow."

About Lima Bear® Press
Lima Bear® Press has a very straightforward mission: to publish children’s stories that are engaging, imaginative, and humorous while each carries an important life message such as tolerance, honesty, courage, etc.

For children who are not yet readers, these stories are an easy read by parents, brothers and sisters, relatives and family friends. Lima Bear® Press strives to make the stories entertaining and meaningful both to those who listen as well as to those who read them aloud.

For children who are readers, the authors crafted the stories, through both text and illustration, so that they are fun to read, while, at the same time, striving to introduce young minds to new expressions and new vocabulary in a way that is readily understood. 

Lima Bear Press feels they will have achieved their mission when they help children who listen to and/or read their books become eager readers throughout their lives. 

In the Lima Bear stories, the basic characters appear and reappear. Each character has a distinct
personality that shines through in every story.

Learn more at Their books are distributed to bookstores and libraries nationwide
by Small Press United (from IPG). Or call 800-888-4741 for more information. 

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