Saturday, December 5, 2009

Nana, What's Cancer?

When eight year-old Tessa Mae Hamermesh came to her grandmother, Beverlye Hyman Fead with questions about her cancer, they realized that there was little information available for children to help them understand it. They decided to work together to create a book that families can share with their children to promote conversation and understanding about this disease that affects the entire family.

Tessa asks her grandmother 12 questions about cancer, that children typically have. These include questions about what cancer is and how you get it, who can get cancer, and what to do if someone you love has cancer. Nana took time to candidly, yet carefully answer each one of Tessa's questions. Her responses include both personal experience, as well as a wealth of research. Included throughout are bold-faced terms that are clearly defined in a glossary in the back. Also included is a list of resources used, to which readers can turn for more information.

Shennen Bersanti has captured the essence of the bond between grandmother and granddaughter through her realistic illustrations of the two that are interspersed throughout the book. They add to the message of faith, love, and support in which families must share as they ride the cancer roller coaster.

The book is sponsored by the American Cancer Society, because it is so thorough and honest. I would recommend it to any family going through a cancer battle. Parents should preview it and think about their own answers to the questions contained within. Children will learn a lot by reading the book, but then will want to expand upon the information to better fit their own situations.

I would say it is geared more toward children who are a little bit older, as opposed to children under the age of 7. Even teenagers and adults can learn from it, though.

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I received a copy of this book for the purpose of reviewing it on my blog. I have given my honest opinions of it.

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