Sunday, December 13, 2009

The Millionaire Kids Club: Garage Sale Riches

Garage Sale Riches
is the first book in The Millionaire Kid$ Club series by Sysan Beacham & Lynette Khalfani Cox. In this book, Isiah's mom is preparing to have a garage sale to get rid of some of the stuff cluttering the house and garage. She tells him that if he helps, he can keep any money that he earns at the sale.

Isiah enlists the help of his friends Sandy, Denis, and Stephanie, promising them a share of the profits in return. As they work, they encounter a variety of people who share with them how they earn money: the mail carrier, a salesman, a tutor. Each one shares a reason for making money.

The kids talk about how much money they think they will earn, as well as what they are planning on doing with their riches. Each child represents different ways of thinking about money. Sandy is going to save toward a new bike. Stephanie plans on blowing it all immediately. Isiah wants to save for college. Dennis wants to donate to hurricane victims.

Following the garage sale, Sandy's mom arrives to take them to the mall. But before they leave, she tells them how there are always four choices they can make with their money: save, spend, donate, invest. They quickly learn the consequences of spending money as soon as it hits their hands, as well as the value of saving and donating.

This book demonstrates the four choices children can make with their money. I also like how they include adults making the same decisions with their money. I think it is best geared toward children in elementary school, though the concepts could be introduced to younger children. I also think it would be important to read all four books in the series for a well-rounded picture, though this one can definitely stand on its own. Then it is necessary to follow-up with a lot of discussion and activities that teach the value of money.

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I received this book from the publisher for the purpose of reviewing on my blog.

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