Saturday, October 17, 2009

Tinycandy's Gift

Tinycandy's Gift by Susan E. Estes is a touching new children's book that is available just in time for this year's Christmas season. Written completely in verse, it is the story of a special little elf living up at the North Pole. He has a slight limp, and got the name "Tinycandy" because his ears look like little round pieces of candy. Santa gives him a cane to help him maneuver without falling down.

Tinycandy is sad because he hasn't yet been able to find his special talent for making Christmas gifts. Everything he tries ends up reflecting his sadness and despair. Mrs. Claus takes pity on the small elf, and invites him to help her in the kitchen, where he finds that he is a talented baker. And thus, he creates the first candy canes.

The story is one that is inspirational, in that the elf is able to capitalize on his disability and turn it into a positive. It sends the message that even those with disabilities possess tremendous abilities, and hopefully lays a foundation that reduces prejudicial feelings in children.

The illustrations by Mike Motz are beautiful, almost reminiscent of Christmas classics from the first half of the 20th century. They have tremendous detail, and the vibrant colors really stand out with modern printing techniques.

Included with the book are a read-along CD and a recipe for making candy canes at home. Author Susan E. Estes hopes that families will make this book, as well as the candy making experience, a regular part of their holiday tradition.

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